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Usp 797 Clean Room Design

Usp 797 Clean Room Design

A California based licensed contractor, Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. (P.E.T.I) delivers the best environmentally friendly cleanrooms and laboratory environment services around the country. Our wealth of experience which spans over two decades (since 1989), means our professional designers, engineers, project managers, field technicians as well as the commissioning and certification group deliver top-notch services to our clients no matter the budget.

We are a globally recognized brand, delivering the best environmentally controlled cleanroom services, and we deliver customer satisfaction second to none which gives us an edge over the rest. We manage all kinds of biosafe cleanroom services ranging from standard cleanrooms, mobile cleanrooms, modular cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms while abiding strictly to the pharmaceutical industry safety guidelines such as the USP 797, USP 800 cleanroom among several others regulations.

What is USP 797 and the requirements?

The USP 797 guidelines which were first implemented in 2004, helps to outline the requirements for compounding sterile drug preparations. This helps to prevent any harm from the patients which could be a result of contaminated or poorly developed compounded sterile preparations.

The USP 797 also addresses the standards for an environmentally controlled cleanroom and how to develop and maintain a biosafe compounding cleanroom that caters to both patients and staff (pharmacists). Additionally, USP 797 specifically remedies sterile compounding situations and ensures every patient receives the best drugs free from any form of contamination.

The three major areas of the USP 797 guidelines are; personnel training, categorization of risks (low-risk level, medium-risk level, and high-risk level compounded sterile preparations), as well as policy development and implementation of procedures.

This standard covers all pharmaceutical companies in the production of compounded sterile preparations. This further emphasizes that pharmacies located within hospitals, operating rooms as well as radio or nuclear pharmacies must follow these guidelines.

Why should you trust our cleanroom services?

Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. (P.E.T.I) understands the risks and challenges healthcare providers encounter when developing any kind of cleanroom globally. Our experienced and qualified experts deliver only the best services worldwide while working according to your budget. We also ensure all industry-standard regulations are maintained to create unmatched customer satisfaction in the environmentally controlled cleanrooms industry.

Our rating in terms of hygiene range from Class 100 (ISO 3) to Class 100,00 (ISO 8), our clients can be assured of a pristine environment. As soon as you send us your quote detailing your personal information and budget, you will get a swift response from our team. We work with your desired size, budget and time.

When you reach out to Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. (P.E.T.I), we go the extra mile to leave a smile on your face. If what you desire is a premium cleanroom service without having to break the bank or you intend to build up your environmentally controlled cleanrooms from the initial stage to a fully functional turnkey facility, then you are in the right place.

Kindly reach out to us, you can be assured of top-quality service delivery from the best professional cleanroom contractor.

Usp 797 Clean Room Design
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