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Senior Living Omaha NE

Senior Living Omaha NE

Every day, about 10,000 adults in the United States turn 65. The senior population is higher than ever before, necessitating retirement planning regarding living, finances, and medical needs. A huge number of older adults living without support are prone to discrimination, abuse, and exploitation. Reputable senior care communities in Omaha provide a safe environment where retirees can receive assistance with daily activities and health care.

At Via Christe, we offer premier senior living in Omaha NE, to guests who need everyday care but aren’t disabled by serious medical complications. Some of our residents stay with us for a short while before returning home, while others move on to higher levels of care when necessary.

5 Types of Senior Care Communities

There are various kinds of senior living communities providing varying levels of care to their residents. Here are five types of communities you can consider when looking for senior living options near you:

  1. Assisted Living Programs

In assisted living communities, older adults receive assistance with daily routines such as housekeeping, laundry, and meals. Most don’t provide 24/7 care, and nursing services are usually offered by outside agencies. However, there are assisted living homes, like ours, where residents have access to medical care within the facility.

  1. Independent Living Apartments

Independent living for seniors is perfect for those who don’t need any personal or medical care as they go about their everyday activities. These apartments seek to promote seniors' social lives by allowing them to live among other active retirees with similar interests. Independent communities come with amenities like fitness facilities, golf courses, and beauty salons.

  1. Adult Homes

Adult homes are licensed as well as regulated by the state. They are senior communities hosted in family homes and usually with a limited number of residents. For instance, some states only allow six residents per adult home. Staff in adult homes provide personal care for mobility, dressing, toileting, and medication management. These homes are ideal for seniors who are unable to live independently.

  1. Nursing Homes

Nursing homes offer the highest level of care among assisted living and retirement communities. They’re great for older adults with severe medical conditions that make it impossible for them to perform daily tasks. Nursing homes offer round-the-clock care and are staffed by trained medical personnel. Skilled nursing facilities are also suitable for seniors recovering from illnesses such as stroke.

  1. Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing care communities have all levels of senior living assistance in one facility, including independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing programs. Also known as 'aging in place,' these communities allow their residents to transition from one care level to another without having to change facilities. This is convenient for older adults who prefer to remain in familiar surroundings as they age.

Get the Right Care for Your Loved One

Choosing the right community for senior living in Omaha NE, ensures your loved one receives the exact assistance they require. Independent living is not ideal for seniors with severe medical needs, while nursing homes are unsuitable for active adults. At Via Christe, we have senior living specialists who can help you identify the perfect facility for your loved one. With us, residents enjoy independence while also receiving assistance for everyday tasks. Contact Via Christe Assisted Living Community; Learn more: 402-551-5557. Take a virtual tour: Contact us online:

Senior Living Omaha NE
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