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Iop Addiction Treatment Agoura Hills

Iop Addiction Treatment Agoura Hills

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are suitable for people who cannot commit to an inpatient program due to their work, family responsibilities, or other commitments. Intensive outpatient programs allow you to seek recovery without putting your life on hold. It's also a good option when a patient finishes an inpatient program and needs help transitioning to everyday life.

At Foy Wellness & Recovery, we offer Intensive outpatient programs to help your recovery journey from substance abuse. Many people in addiction recovery find IOP to be beneficial for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of IOP addiction treatment with us. 


At Foy Wellness & Recovery, our IOP treatment in Agoura Hills benefits people who just concluded the residential program and want to return home without completely attending an outpatient program that lacks in-depth structure. Our programs can help you gain the freedom you need while still maintaining the structure to move toward a full recovery.


While addiction treatment should be your main priority, we understand that there are other work or family responsibilities to which you must attend. Our IOP addiction treatment Agoura Hills offers flexible scheduling. With our programs, you can still take care of your responsibilities and follow your dreams. Remember that IOP still requires a certain level of dedication. 


IOP could serve as an answer for anyone who struggles with addiction but still wants to keep up with every responsibility. At Foy Wellness & Recovery, we take a more practical approach to problem-solving. You'll be living your life, relating with friends, family, and colleagues, going to school, and work. With our IOP addiction treatment, you'll get to know more about yourself, know how to handle your situations, know when you need support, and learn how to cope with challenging situations that may come up in the future.


When you attend our IOP in Agoura Hills, CA, you will feel more comfortable in our facility. Being comfortable might make you more readily available mentally and emotionally, giving you the power to share what you have in your mind so that we can better help you succeed. We also offer private counseling if there is something you are worried about. 


Our Intensive outpatient programs can save you money and time when compared to other types of care. Even though you will receive the support needed to achieve longtime addiction recovery, you're still making a sound financial decision that is beneficial even after treatment. At Foy Wellness & Recovery, we'll take our time to review your addiction history, identify your treatment needs, and create a comprehensive plan for your care. We use evidence-based and research-based treatment methods to provide efficient treatment.

IOP Addiction Treatment At Foy Wellness & Recovery 

Our IOP addiction treatment may be just what you need if you have just concluded a residential treatment program and want to work towards a life without substance abuse. Contact us today at 1-805-558-0839 to get the help you need. Speak with an addiction and behavioral health therapist, or verify your insurance.


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Iop Addiction Treatment Agoura Hills
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