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Heroin Detox Orange County

Heroin Detox Orange County

If you seek to detox and recover from your heroin addiction safely and effectively, you need to consider our program for heroin detox in Orange County asap. The House of the Rising Son offers patients the opportunity to quit their addiction with minimal discomfort and almost zero risks for relapse during the treatment. We achieve that via three foundational rehabilitation programs:

1. Patient-oriented medical detoxification

The detox process is critical when dealing with severe addiction, especially when heroin is part of the equation. This is a powerful synthetic opioid capable of severely impacting your nervous system’s normal functioning. It inflicts aggravated addiction, changes your brain’s chemistry, and it is notoriously difficult to combat, even with legitimate treatment.

Our men’s treatment center relies on patient-oriented detoxification to calm the withdrawal symptoms, diminish cravings, and revive the nervous system’s normal functioning. The detox process’s duration will vary between patients, but it generally doesn’t extend past two weeks. It all depends on your addiction’s severity and whether you’re dealing with any co-occurring disorders on the side as well.

The treatment relies on medication, therapy, and counseling to stabilize you physically and mentally and prepare you for upcoming rehab programs.

2. High-end inpatient treatment follow-up

The detox process isn’t enough to help you overcome addiction by itself. It is a great tool for countering the withdrawal, but you need something more to prevent long-term relapse and learn how to embrace a healthy and sober lifestyle post-addiction. This is where our inpatient treatment comes in. At our San Clemente drug and nearby alcohol rehab, we offer customized inpatient treatment, helping patients recover and stabilize in a comfortable and safe setting.

Our team of certified clinicians will assess your progress every day, keeping you in a controlled environment, where they can intervene and provide expert assistance whenever necessary. The inpatient treatment relies on medication-based procedures, behavioral therapies, individual and group counseling sessions, and holistic procedures to ensure an optimal and comfortable recovery. Our San Clemente, CA, rehab program will help you integrate and socialize with other patients while learning about addiction, sobriety, and long-term management and relapse prevention.

3. Extensive outpatient support

The outpatient treatment if fundamental for any reliable rehabilitation program due to its long-term support. All patients require some form of outpatient treatment, whether they have completed the inpatient program before that or not. The outpatient program is a core feature of our best rehab centers in San Clemente, providing access to weekly meetings for therapy, medication treatment, counseling, and peer support.

The outpatient program works well for clients with busy schedules and serves as a new recovery milestone for those coming out of inpatient care. It is a critical component of our heroin detox in Orange County that will change your life dramatically for the better.

If you’re dealing with heroin addiction and need immediate clinical and psychiatric support, we recommend contacting our rehab professionals at The House of the Rising Son today. Ask to speak to a rehab specialist and make an appointment for clinical intake and treatment to quit your addiction and embark on a new life journey!

Heroin Detox Orange County
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Heroin Detox Orange County
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