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Costa Mesa Treatment Center

For an accredited and reliable rehab treatment, come to the Costa Mesa Treatment Center. We help addicted people get away from their cravings and withdrawal symptoms while encouraging them to resist temptation. Clear Life Recovery represents a comprehensive solution to addiction, one that revolves around scientific rigor, empathy, and intensive treatments.

Excellent rehab treatment

We have a pervasive and comprehensive program that includes the following treatments:

  • Residential treatment
  • Alcohol detox
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Men’s addiction treatment
  • Women’s addiction treatment
  • Smart recovery program
  • A young adult recovery program
  • LGBTQ recovery program
  • Life skills recovery program
  • Depression treatment program

All of our treatments follow an open-treatment approach, in that they treat both body and mind. For instance, our Smart recovery program stands for “self-management and recovery training.” It is extensively useful for people suffering from co-occurring disorders, better known as dual diagnosis. On the one hand, it offers evidence-based treatment solutions that help people overcome addiction. On the other hand, it provides the kind of education needed for addicts to cope with their emotions.

What is a good alternative to the 12-step method?

You must have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step drug rehab programs. Although they are successful for many people, not everyone reacts the same, and in some cases, these programs are entirely unsuccessful. In this case, you must find an addiction center that offers non-12-step treatment programs. The Costa Mesa Treatment Center is one such place where you can receive both.

The most important aspect of a non-12-step treatment center is its emphasis on individual therapy. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, and we prefer finding suitable treatment plans for each of our patients. We use scientific evaluations to identify the underlying roots of addiction, and we devise a personalized treatment schedule for our patients.

Confidence from sobriety

Addiction will slowly eat away at your confidence and optimism, leaving pessimism and depression in its wake. At our addiction center, we focus a large portion of our treatment on dealing with these emotional issues. Through therapy, counseling programs, and holistic activities, we strive to strengthen the resolve of our patients and to give them hope.

Once sobriety becomes an achievable goal to a patient, the success of our treatment becomes apparent. Going through detox, rehab, and medication-assisted treatments will change your view on addiction substantially. It is not as hopeless as others make it out to be. Instead, we can help you keep it under control and prevent any related suffering.

What is the best youth rehab center?

At the Costa Mesa treatment center, we offer personalized programs for the addicted youth out there. Our Young Adult Rehab Program helps young people overcome their dependency on drugs and alcohol. Moreover, it supports their struggle with addiction.

To prevent any possible mental health issues and other personal problems stemming from addiction, we have devised the present program. Clear Life Recovery continues the fight against dependency and addiction while supporting the youth on the path to sobriety.

Costa Mesa Treatment Center
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