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Bradenton Eldercare Service

Bradenton Eldercare Service

One of the problems with senior care providers in Bradenton, FL, is the inability to pay their caregivers handsomely, which often leads to these qualified individuals not being able to work with these providers for a long period leading to a reduction in the quality of the Bradenton eldercare services they offer.

That, however, is not the case with us at caregivers united. Our founder, Jordan Owens, understands the importance of providing the highest quality of senior services in Bradenton, thus setting strict standards for these caregivers before hiring them to test their services' quality and pay qualified caregivers handsomely.

At caregivers united, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers' expectations anytime we have the opportunity to work with them. We are known for our integrity, ownership, professionalism, and responsibility.

Have you ever punched in these keywords, 'elder care services around me?' Wouldn't you allow us at Caregivers United gives you the best of hands to handle your senior care services to save you from ever having to search 'Senior care services around me' on the internet again?

Our services

We at caregivers united provide industry-leading care to senior citizens. Whether it is a long term or a short term, especially home care services for your loved ones, we are very passionate about providing quality and professional services for your loved ones.

The services we offer range from short term adult care services to a 24/7 service. Please find below the list of our top-rated specialty services.

  • Dementia, Alzheimer's caregiving services.

Settling your loved ones into a peaceful routine could be highly stressing and depressing too at times, especially when your loved one has a case of dementia. At Caregivers United, we understand that dementia causes one memory to diminish over time, making it difficult for family and friends to cope with the dramatic shifts throughout this service. And this is why our care team ensures that as they allow your loved one with dementia to remain safe at home in their most familiar surroundings, they consider your well-being and help you also cope.

  • Cardiovascular Care - Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

To recover from a cardiovascular disorder includes recovery of physical care and therapy. Our highly-trained home nurses help your loved ones to regain function after a stroke.

With our in-home cardiovascular care, we help modify your loved one's diet to a healthier one, maintain activity, and make the rehabilitation process as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for your loved ones.

At Caregivers United, we also understand that the post-stroke Era of your loved ones could result in them experiencing feelings of depression and frustration from the trauma. So, we provide your loved ones with a special diet to ensure their best outcome during their recovery.

  • Injury recovery care services

We help your loved ones recover from home injuries, relieving them the stress of physical therapy, grocery shopping, medications, etc., making their recovery process as comfortable and as fast as possible.

Whether it is a recovery from home injury or a just-concluded surgical process, we understand that there are specific life modifications your loved ones are subjected to; thus, we help them make this transition easier for them through our care services.

Above all, we provide you with eldercare resources in Bradenton, FL, to ensure that you also know what to do to ensure your loved ones' faster recovery process.

At Caregivers United, we strive to meet the needs of your situation. We are passionate about seeing your loved ones get the utmost care they deserve.

For more information about our top-notch Bradenton eldercare services and more, contact Caregivers United Concierge Care at Home to request a courtesy visit: (941) 225-0055.


Bradenton Eldercare Service
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Bradenton Eldercare Service
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