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Assisted Living Community Simi Valley

Varenita is a fully-equipped assisted living community in Simi Valley, with a dedicated and compassionate team of RNs, clinical and non-clinical staff. We offer the highest level of care and medical support for seniors in a safe and serene environment.

Tips for adapting to an assisted living community

Allow yourself the time to adjust to the changes, and try to come with a plan to make your experience at the retirement community enjoyable. Take time to learn about the members of the community, its staff, and the routine at the facility.

Spend some time in personalizing your new space by putting up family photos, furniture, curtains, etc., to give it a homey look. Try to get involved with the community members by dining with them. You can join a club or group or take fitness lessons with fellow community members to build new bonds and lead a fulfilling retirement life. At our assisted living community in Simi Valley, we take special efforts to help our seniors have an easy transition.

How much does assisted living care cost?

The price you pay for a senior living depends on the community you choose, the size of your room/apartment, amenities, etc. On average, the cost of staying at an assisted living can range between $4,000 and $5,000.

On the other hand, the cost of home care ranges from $200 - $350/day. This price can increase if you choose specialized care or other sorts of services. Compared to home care, choosing to move to an assisted living home is a lot economical and offers you access to a whole lot of amenities and benefits.

Tips for choosing an assisted living community

Planning your retirement life is one of the major decisions in life, and you need to put a lot of thought into where you want to move. Here are the top aspects to look for in a senior assisted living community:

  • #1 Hygiene and cleanliness - Choose a community that feels fresh and clean. Check if they offer housekeeping services to clean your personal living space, laundry, etc. This is going to be your home for a long time, and we will make sure it will feel that way.
  • #2 Staff friendliness - The people in the community are going to be like family; this includes the staff at the facility. Have a chat with them to see if they have a pleasing and friendly attitude. Observe the staff members' interactions with current residents, and check the number of staff available for residents' care.
  • #3 Amenities, services, and recreational events - It is important to join a facility that offers all the basic amenities for its residents, such as a salon, a fitness center, a restaurant or bistro, etc. You also want to look for a facility that conducts recreational events and activities to keep their residents active.

Call us at (805) 327-1100 to speak to one of us at Varenita. We are the #1 assisted living community in Simi Valley for seniors with beautiful apartments. We offer the highest level of care to older adults in a home-like environment.

Assisted Living Community Simi Valley

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